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are protected spaces where people can enjoy a view of the outdoors and avoid Portland's "wet sunshine," year round. They can add lasting beauty and value to a home and enhance it’s exterior appearance.

Sunspace rooms can make your home more livable by providing a comfortable cozy space to :

- relax in and get away from the pressures of life

- look out from and enjoy a pleasant view

- feature your collectibles

- work in with good natural light for the artist and crafts person.


Patio covers offer a view of the outdoors and provide weather protection so they also are considered sunspaces. Patio covers come in a variety of sizes, materials, shapes, and prices and range from “solid roofs” to “glass roofs” that let the light through. We have designed and built most types, but the focus here is on covers that let light through. Some covers also come with wall screens to keep the rain out and provide privacy.


The Careful Remodelers, Inc,. has designed and installed a variety of sunspaces over the years. They also are factory trained in installing Lindal sunrooms. Three types of sunspace rooms are shown plus the “see through” style of patio cover.

The Careful Remodelers, Inc. offers four types of sunspace rooms.


Cedar Sunrooms:

Rooms are framed in clear cedar with tempered glass fronts; some glass on the roof; and glass on the ends, depending on client preference.


Post and Beam Rooms:

Similar to Cedar sunrooms, without the glass roof. Finished on the interior with douglas fir and knotty pine. Post and beam style construction throughout.


Patio Rooms:

Same glass and cedar wall structure as Cedar Sunrooms, with many roof framing options. A simple roof style, such as truss framing, can be a cost saver.


Hybrid Rooms:

Incorporate features of the other three sunspaces.


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