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The Careful Remodelers, Inc. (TCR) are licensed and bonded general contractors (CCB 96457) specializing in residential remodeling. On most projects, our staff does a majority of the work, with a few specialized tasks, such as plumbing and electrical wiring, handled by licensed and bonded sub contractors.

We are creative problem-solvers who strive to do quality work at a reasonable price. It’s a testimony to our commitment to quality that most of our work comes from referrals and repeat business.



TCR began in 1979 as Peter MacIver and Associates. When Peter hired his first employee, he changed the name to “The Careful Remodelers” to reflect his personal work ethic and to keep customer care uppermost in employees’ minds.

Dryrot restoration

Philosophy, project approach:

We pride ourselves on being “problem solvers.” Whatever the project, we can help you identify promising options within your budget.

Because our staff is knowledgeable about the residential systems that are often involved in a remodeling project -- plumbing, electrical, heating -- we can troubleshoot and plan a project with accommodations for your residence’s strengths and weaknesses.

We are also familiar with issues relating to dry rot and mold, lead paint, asbestos, water and air penetration, floor/deck/wall loading, energy conservation, green build, material expansion/contraction, storm water run off, capillary action, etc.


Service ethic:

We are craftsmen. The care we take with our work extends to the care we take with your home while on a project. We are known for our conscientious work habits, security consciousness and clean construction sites.

Ever hired a contractor who delivered 95% of the job, only to leave 5% of the important finishing details to be done later? The Careful Remodelers get the job done completely and correctly, with no loose ends.

Putting bell back on the new deck

Client communication:

Another way we seek to serve you is through good client/contractor communication. Whether you want to be informed of every detail or would rather be notified about major components and milestones, we accommodate your preferences.

In our 32+ years in the remodeling business, we’ve learned to listen closely to our client. It’s the client who has lived with the problem -- a too-small kitchen, an awkward entry, an aging deck. The client will also live with the solution! With TCR, your opinion counts most.

And you will always know who to call with questions and concerns. Every TCR job has a manager who is responsible for work performance and quality. On large jobs, either a manager or lead carpenter will be present most of the time when work activities are under way.

Every year employees attend construction training seminars and conferences to help stay current on industry practices.


Identifying/meeting project goals:

Do you have specific goals for your project? Maybe you want the “biggest bang for the buck. Or you’d like to keep ongoing maintenance to a minimum. Maybe you want to maximize the use of “green products.”

We’re happy to help you in the brainstorming/early planning stages of your project. Peter MacIver, TCR’s majority owner, has a strong management consulting and planning background. He’s able to look at the parts of a project and perceive how they need to work together as a system. He can explain cost and quality implications for various options and help you set priorities.

New Lindal Post & Beam Room

The benefits of “design build”:

The Careful Remodelers, Inc. was ahead of its time, designing and building additions before the term “design build” came into vogue. The traditional approach was for architects and general contractors to work as separate entities. On design build projects, the designer and builder are a “team,” sharing the same objectives. If a client proposes a change during construction, the designer and builders are able to respond quickly.

“Design build” results in more realistic preliminary budgets, less down time, and a better match between a designer’s vision and construction realities. The biggest benefit? More money left in your pocket.


About the owner:

The Careful Remodelers, Inc. began in 1979, with one careful remodeler, Peter MacIver. Principal owner and President, Peter took his formal training in planning and design at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, from which he holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. He has taken additional coursework and seminars in residential design, construction, and building codes. Staff regularly attend construction training workshops to help stay current on trade practices.

Peter brings intimate knowledge of the Oregon Planning process to your project. He was manager of land use planning at Metro when all cities and counties in the area submitted land use plans for approval, when the Portland Area Urban Growth Boundary was adopted, and when Multnomah County conceded to sanitary sewers in East County. His familiarity with the permit process and current building codes is an asset for jobs large and small.

Peter attained the top rank of “certified” professional planner in both Canada and the U.S. He also was project manager and Executive Assistant to the President of Nero and Associates, Inc. when the US Small Business Administration awarded them the title best “Small Business of the Year” for Government Facility Maintenance and Management Work


References: We are happy to supply references upon request.

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